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The following exercises accompany The Live Web

Reading The Live Web and working these exercises at the end of each chapter will lead to a mastery of the fundamental concepts of event programming in KRL. 

There are no exercises for Chapters 1 through 4, but the following exercises assume that you are familiar with their content. 

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Chapter 5: Architecting the Live Web

  1. Work the (Classic) Quickstart for SquareTag guide. Ensure that you can create a Hello World ruleset. 
  2. Look at the Programming Tips
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Debugging Guide

Chapter 6: Live Web Rules

  1. Rule Exercises

Chapter 7: Creating Contextual Web Experiences

  1. Web Rule Exercises

Chapter 8: Using the Cloud

  1. Rotten Tomatoes API Exercise

Chapter 9: Events Around the Web

  1. Foursquare Checkin Exercise

Chapter 10: Mobile and the Live Web

  1. Twilio Stock Checker Excercise 
  2. (Classic) SMS Blog Exercise

Chapter 11: Building Event Networks 

  1. Event Network Exercise: Data Storage Module
  2. (Classic) Event Network Exercise: Semantic Translation
  3. Event Network Exercise: Error Handling

Chapter 12: Advanced KRL Programming

  1. ???

Event Federation

  1. Dispatching Events Exercise 
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