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  • <eci> - The ECI of the pico
  • <rid> - The ruleset ID or alias of the module. If the module is not installed on the pico, a JSON object is returned with an error field and an error message containing  <rid>.
  • <function> - The name of the function in the module
  • name0, value0 - The parameters to the function. The names must match the parameters names in the module definition. Order is not important.  

The following parameters can be used to control pico engine operation:

  • _eid - an optional parameter that will set the EID value in the logs. This can be useful for testing. Normally the Sky Cloud API sets the EID to a random value. 

API Action

Performing an HTTP GET request on a Sky Cloud URL formatted as previously shown will return a string with the JSON result of calling <function> in the module named <rid> with the given parameters. The content type of the return is application/json.