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attrs"status"additional data to store for the new subscription - can be any type
channel_type"subs"describes each pico's new channel created for the subscription
my_role"peer"describes pico A (self) in the context of the subscription
namestring including a random English wordIf a subscription with the same combination of name and namespace exists in the engine hosting pico A, the subscription won't be created. Otherwise, pico A will receive wrangler:outbound_pending_subscription_added and pico B will receive wrangler:inbound_pending_subscription_added.

If pico B is hosted on a different engine and a subscription with this full name already exists there (e.g. "namespace:name"), the new subscription will be cancelled and both picos will receive wrangler:subscription_removed after the '_added' events.
name_space"shared" (doesn't work in 0.11.x)
subscriber_ecithe subscription won't be createdthe subscription process needs one of pico B's existing eci's
subscriber_hostnonethe public DNS name of the engine hosting pico B (only needed if different from pico A's) - e.g. "https://localhost:8080"
subscriber_role"peer"describes pico B in the context of the subscription