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logic control

Rules in KRL can be thought of as the body of an if statement, with the "select when" being the condition.

Rules are used to;

  1. modify Picos states by setting entity variables and app variables. 
  2. raise and send events with updated attributes.

KRL rule structure;

  • "Select when"
    • First control of logic, when this event assures do ....
  • "pre block"
    • used to make calculations for the if then conditions
  • "action block"
    • This block can include an if then statement.
    • if this condition is met do some combination of actions.
    • actions can include sending directives or events, things that have to happen as a result of this event. 
  • "post block"

    • This block can be, always, fired, notfired, else.

    • this is where you set entity variables 



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