The ICal library provides functions related to the iCalendar specification. 

Engine Compatibility

This library has not yet been ported to the New Pico Engine


ical:from_array(<entry array>, <meta map>)

Formats a iCalendar calendar string.

This function takes an array of maps representing the iCalendar entries to be formatted and a map with meta data about the calendar. 

Each map in the entry array can have the following properties

dtstartStart time of eventyes
dtendEnd time of eventunless duration used
durationTime event lastsunless dtend used


Short summary of event

descriptionLong description

organizerName of organizer

locationLocation of event

geoLatlong coordinates of event

urlURL associated with event

uidUniversal identifieryes
commentComment or not
attendeePeople attending event (see spec)

This list is not exhaustive. Other valid properties of iCalendar events are also supported according to the specification

The function automatically adds a UID property to each iCalendar entry if one is not provided.

The meta map is optional and contains two mappings:

nameName of the calendar
descDescription of calendar

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