Meta Section

The meta section stores information about a ruleset. Meta sections are optional and may be empty.

The following are allowed in a meta section:

  • name - a string giving a human readable name for the ruleset.

  • author - a string giving the name of the author of the ruleset.

  • description - a string (specified in standard or extended quotes) that describes the ruleset's purpose.

  • version - rulesets are versioned. Version strings follow Semantic Versioning. i.e 1.2.3 where <major>.<minor>.<patch>. During development you can set the version to "draft" or omit it completely. This way you can make frequent changes and see them reflected immediately on the picos that use the "draft" version.

  • use - use another ruleset as a module

  • configure - declare the default configuration for this ruleset when used as a module.

  • provides - declare the values this ruleset provides when used as a module.

  • shares - a list of names available to sky/cloud queries

Some of these have more detailed documentation available:

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