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  • Purpose: the purpose of this project is to give developers a way to create their own decentralized applications, giving back ownership of data to users.

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  • Explanations

    • What is a dApp and why do people care?

      • Unlike the traditional design of a database that can only be accessed by the server, a dApp puts the database in a place where it can be accessed both by the browser (user) and the server, if the user gives the server permission.

      • dApps give control of data back to the user.

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    • What is a pico?

      • “an actor-based programming system that supports people-centric, reactive programming on the internet.”

      • Picos function by listening for events. They are asynchronous.

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    • What is Solid?

      • Solid is a specification that lets individuals and groups store their data securely in decentralized data stores called Pods. Pods are like secure web servers for data. When data is stored in a Pod, its owners control which people and applications can access it.

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    • Can host the pod and pico anywhere

  • Actual Demo

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    • Log in and connect storage via Attach Pod

    • Add photos

      • If you want, you can switch tabs to Penny ( ) and show that the files were indeed stored in the pod

    • Click on one photo

      • Explain make private, grant access to, and remove access from

      • Slide 7: explain the significance of this feature as it is core to the purpose of the project

      • Privacy and portability

    • Optional: explore some of the other features of the demo (search, create/delete folder, delete photo, etc)

  • Questions? 

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