Using Foursquare Data

Phil Windley has written about using Foursquare data inside SquareTag. Foursquare uses push notifications that look like Webhooks and thus can be used to raise events

These examples are a little dated from a terminology standpoint, but the concepts are still valid. The following were all updated or changed years ago, but need to be updated again:

  • CloudOS and it's PDS service didn't exist at the time these experiments were done, so the PDS referenced is a prototype and some functions have changed. 
  • SquareTag didn't exist, so the example uses the Kynetx Browser Extension to manage applications. 
  • The TA network relies on hand-coded subscriptions, but the Forever application could be used to manage those now. 
  • The TA example also shows how Twilio SMS messages can be used within a SquareTag application. 


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